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What's this site all about?
You have found the multiplayer ladder for Draconus Entertainment's game Triplane Turmoil II. All owners of the game can have their scores posted here real-time, so they can keep track of how they are doing with the rest of the world!

Sounds great, how do I join?
To create an account in the TT2 ladder, you must buy a copy of Triplane Turmoil II. The game can be bought from the Draconus Entertainment Webshop. After buying, you will receive a keycode that will allow you to register. If you bought the retail CD version, the keycode can be found on the DVD case (the game is on a CD, not DVD). If you downloaded the game from the Webshop, you will get the key online and in your e-mail. After you have the keycode, go to the ladder account activation page and enter the keycode in the correct field, choose a callsign and password and you're good to go! Please notice that if you own the CD version, you will be asked to input your name and address as well, since they cannot be received from the webshop as in the download-only version.

How can I see more detailed score sheets?
You can select which data is shown on the score sheets from the Select fields to be displayed page. Since there is so much information to be seen, you might not want them all on your screen at once. From here, you can also select whether to view scores only from a single nation, region or the whole wide world.

So I have a passport? What's that, then?
All players have their own TAF (Triplane Air Force) passport. You can upload a pass photo using the settings page. More details can be found from the forementioned page. There is a slight delay before your picture is updated, as our moderators inspect every uploaded picture to make sure no obscenities end up in official documents! The passport also holds your scores, statistics and other important information.

My cat ate my password!
You can order a new password from this page.

I have a question that is not answered here!
Please contact Draconus Entertainment support for any further questions not answered here.